Jackie Jae & Jason Cowsill

Jackie Jae & Jason Cowsill are a dynamic musical duo whose harmonies and eclectic repertoire captivate audiences across the Pacific Northwest. With a show that seamlessly blends covers from the 1940s to today with their own original compositions, this husband-and-wife team delivers a unique blend of old rock 'n' roll, outlaw country, and pop that defies easy categorization.

At the heart of their performance is the magical interplay between Jackie's powerful, soulful vocals and Jason's impressive range and skillful guitar work. Their chemistry on stage is undeniable, born from years of collaboration and a shared passion for music that brought them together in the first place.

Drawing inspiration from legends like Annie Lennox, Aretha Franklin, and The Beatles, Jackie and Jason craft original songs that feel both fresh and familiar. Their covers span decades and genres, reimagined through their distinctive style and tight harmonies. Whether they're performing a jazz standard, a country classic, or a contemporary hit, Jackie Jae & Jason Cowsill bring a level of musicianship and authenticity that transforms each song into something special.

With backgrounds that include performing for international corporate clients, opening for renowned acts, and years of experience in various bands, Jackie and Jason bring a polished professionalism to every performance. Jason's lineage as the son of Bob Cowsill (of The Cowsills fame) adds a touch of musical heritage to their act, while their combined experience ensures they can adapt to any venue or audience.

Currently based in Eugene, Oregon, Jackie Jae & Jason Cowsill offer a versatile show that's perfect for intimate venues, private events, and festivals alike. Their ability to engage audiences with both familiar tunes and original material makes them a standout choice for event planners and music lovers seeking a memorable, high-quality performance.

As they continue to write new material and expand their repertoire, Jackie Jae & Jason Cowsill remain committed to creating music that moves people – both emotionally and physically. With plans for new recordings and an ever-evolving live show, this talented duo is definitely one to watch – and more importantly, one to experience live.