From the recording Seller of Dreams


We all have some wishes we keep to ourselves
Those darker desires aren't new
But if you'll gather near and lend me your ear
I'll tell you how yours can come true

I see in your eyes disbelief and surprise
You're thinking this just couldn't be
But if you've got the time
and can spare me a dime
I'll lay it all out and you'll see

I'm a seller of dreams,
nothing’s quite as it seems
Step right up ‘cause you're in for a treat
I can cure all your cravings
‘til you've spent your life savings
An illusion never tasted so sweet

You may find it hard to let down your guard
What's the harm if just for one night?
If you come and see me I'll make it so easy
You'll be spent but feel everything's right

I'm a seller of dreams
Nothing's quite as it seems
but everything's larger than life
I can make you feel taller
‘til you've spent your last dollar
and I send you on home to your wife

When you first come inside it's a magical ride
overwhelming all of your senses
First a scent, then a look
then a taste and you're hooked
You'll be stripped of all your defenses

I'm a seller of dreams,
nothing's quite as it seems
but I'll satisfy your every vice
You want cigarettes or whiskey
or things much more risky
They're all yours if you pay the price

The pleasure runs deep
but the price can be steep
Be wary before you begin
For once you've felt the thrill
you'll surrender your will
and may forfeit your soul for your sin