From the recording Down in the Murder


Way down, down, down in the murder,
he found, no sound, no whisper, no murmur.
Way down by the river, way down in the mud,
… where he left his love.

Oh my, oh my, he said his goodbye.
They talked, and talked, and finally she cried.
He wanted to hold her, and show her his love,
but he brought out the raven, instead of the dove.

Oh no, oh no, there’s no place to go.
She fell, un-held, like new falling snow,
and he gazed on her beauty,
like winter might gaze on the spring

Oh, she’ll never awaken, alone and forsaken,
Lost to the world, her heart there for breaking.
All that she’d been, here in the end,
… she remains

Some say, at night, if you listen just right…
If you’re lost alone, and the moon is just right,
When the leaves start to falling,
you might hear her calling... your name