1. Hollywood

From the recording Hollywood


I see the sky’s turned upside down
The stars lying on the ground
Beneath the city’s glow

And I haven’t slept in days
I’m wishing it would rain
But the Devil’s Wind still blows

Oh, Hollywood
You set me up. You felt so good.
Everything that I could,
I would have have in just a little time
Everything was promised… some day
And when it came, we’d all be okay
And the rain would wash away the grime
And the stars’d shine on through

I was ever northward bound
I never turned around
But I never quite let go


But one day soon became the next day
And we’re all still waiting
We’re all still waiting… still…

Oh, Hollywood
Even if I thought I could
I wouldn’t trade a day spent dreamin’
Wishing, waiting, hoping, pleadin’
’Cause everything is coming’ my way
And when it does, we’ll all be okay
And the rain’ll wash away the time
And the start’ll shine on through