From the recording The One That Got Away


She Shimmies up, and it’s so nice
She’s lookin’ good, but I wont bit
Teasing with my appetite
But I’m the one that got away

I thought that she was heaven-sent
But she tugged too hard, and away I went
Never seen the likes of it
Or the one that got away

You never know you’ve been caught until you are
There’s attraction, desire, but if you go too far
Move in too close and soon it might become too much
And you’ll be lyin’, dyin’ fryin’… for lunch

You know your lines, you’ve got a lure
You got me reelin’, that’s for sure
Everything seemed so secure
But I’m the one that got away

Can’t deny you caught my eye, but there’s lines you just can’t cross
They’re blurry, flirty, but ignore them and you’re lost
You think you’re playin’ safe, but careful you might slip
You’ll be taken, shakin’, hangin’ … by the lip

Some think that they’re so clever, so smart and in control
They can handle a little… but a little tends to grow
I’ve seem ‘em taken from the Minnow to the Bass
That swivel, that nibble, will bit you in the ass

I’ve seem ‘em look, I’ve seen ‘em stare
Heard the rumors, but I was there
Nothing ever quite compares
To the one that got away