From the recording Rising Into Love


She said it’s best to just let go
When you know you can’t hold on anymore
Though it’s all you’ve ever known
It takes an act of faith and gamble

She looked up, with thoughts of falling
Down into the sky
She said, the stars are calling
If only I could fly

I so wanted to believe
as she stepped out on that limb
She said, it’s more than fantasy
Wont you rise with me into love?

She let go. I watched her tumbling,
turning toward the ground
She was crashing, I was jumping
Following her down, down, down, down...

Falling to you. Crashing with you.

They reached out together,
untethered and unbound
Crashing, Colliding,
they were heading for the ground

They're falling into love
They're crashing into love
They're gently rising
They're rising into love

As we watched, the worlds been burning
Turning upside down
But from the ashes, we’ve been rising
High above the ground

Rising with the music, rising with the heat
Rising like the river that's washing through our streets
We rose just like the phoenix, rising like the sun
We left behind the raven, we’re following the dove

We’re rising, falling, Out of many, we are one.
And when we stumble, we don’t let go
we’re gonna lift each other up

This morning I looked out onto a world I didn't know
I didn't leave my house, didn't know where I could go
Somethings happening, it's like a wakening
We've been sleeping way too long
Tossing, Turning, It's time we wake up and meet the dawn